My entry for Spitfire Audio and HBO's Westworld film scoring competition. What a treasure it was to find an entire Westworld action scene without the original music. In this competition composers from around the world were asked to compose original music for the scene as they see fit.
Original music for short animation, played LIVE on stage by The Revolution Orchestra.
Film by James Merrill
with my music.
Some filmscoring samples, featuring small combo and also full orchestra,

Happily Ever After - Animation short by Yonni Aroussi & Ben Genislaw.

Bube Maises - Animated short by Or Levy

Zone A  - Short by Dan Ronen

ABEO - Animated short by Lena Freidman and Gaia Ratner.

Healing - Short film by Yoav Tangi 

Stiches - Reut Bortz's classic animation short. Her gradustion film at Bezalel academy of art and design.

Papercuts - Short film by Gilad Deutsch.


Raad Bagav - Piece for a string quartet and a  woodwind quintet,  inspiered by a childrens story by Arnold Lobel.

Grumps - Short film By Micha Cohen, His  Graduation Project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Romance - Short by Orr Peleg
The Swamp King - By Nadav Nachmany.
Rebound - In memory of Yitzchak and Malachi Rosenfeld. - By Reut Bortz
Keep Breathing - Short film by Orr Sigoli.

Man and Beast - Yishay Shemesh's  final project

at the Bezalel academy
of art and design

Ve'ahavta or: How Shoshana Zeligman went to Heaven -  Tom Apfel's  and Danielle Dimenshtein's

graduation film, at Bezalel academy of art and design.

To Be Part Of That Red- By Ella Zaharano

Original Piece for Saxophone Quartet.