OnKey is a practicing aid tool for musicians of all levels, that generates scale and chord exercises.
As we all know, every musician must (or should) practice his/her scales and chords on his/her instrument.
Yes, learning by ear, or by heart is important, but sometimes it helps to SEE the music NOTES while practicing, leaving the player to concentrate more on the execution, the HOW, and less on WHAT to play. This is where OnKey comes in.
Instead of reading in some method books of scale practice, and instead of writing the exercise down (either by a teacher or the student himself) just generate your exercise by inserting a few simple parameters and... happy practicing.
We at OnKey wish you a happier more productive time when practicing your instrument.

How to use:

STEP ONE:      Select the appropriate clef for your instrument.
STEP TWO:     Select the tonic - the center of the scale/chord - for your

                         * A - La,  B - Ti (Si), C - Do, D - Re,
                            E - Mi, F - Fa, G - Sol

STEP THREE: Select a scale/chord type
STEP FOUR:    Define  the range for you exercise, from where to where do 

                          you wish to practice.
STEP FIVE:      Select a pattern for your exercise.
STEP SIX:        Click button to generate your exercise
STEP SEVEN:  Practice, Practice, Practice.
STEP EIGHT:  Repeat.

OnKey was made by Tom & Rea Meir  © 2020